In this phase, you complete the initial onboarding steps in the next-gen environment. Those steps are almost the same as the steps when doing a brand new, greenfield deployment in the next-gen environment.

Note: If you have previously onboarded to your next-gen environment, you can skip this phase. When initial onboarding is complete, whenever you log in to the next-gen console, if the Migration page is not immediately displayed, you can click on the console's Migration entry in the left-hand navigation to display the page.

Perform the onboarding steps described in the page VMware Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen Deployment and Onboarding, through the step of selecting your Horizon Cloud region.

Organization Selection

At the onboarding workflow step where the UI flow asks you to select an existing organization or create a new one, specify the organization you decided on by following the guidance as described in Determine the VMware Cloud Services Organization to Use.

Cloud Region Selection

After the organization , the region-selection UI appears.

Important: Once you select and save a region in this step, it cannot be changed later.

If you want to ensure that your control plane metadata remains in the same geographic region as was used for your first-gen tenant, then select the same geographic region that corresponds to your first-gen tenant's region.

The following screenshot illustrates the region-selection step with United States selected.

Screenshot of the control plane region selection UI for Horizon Cloud Services next-gen

You can match your next-gen region selection to the region that you used for your first-gen tenant. Doing so provides a way to identify which first-gen control plane region you're using. To match your next-gen region selection to the region that you used for your first-gen tenant, log in to the first-gen Horizon Universal Console, and after completing the authentication flow as described in Authentication to a Horizon Cloud Environment, examine the regional DNS name that appears in the browser's address field.

First-gen Regional Name Matching Next-gen Region Selection United States Ireland Australia United States Ireland Australia Japan United Kingdom Germany

After Region Selection

After you save in the preceding step, the console typically displays the Migration screen.

Screenshot of the Migration page in the next-gen console.
Note: If the Migration screen is not displayed, you can navigate to it by using the left-navigation's Migration option.

Next Steps

Follow the on-screen guidance. Complete the documented migration prerequisites and then complete the pairing process.