The end-to-end migration workflow is a multi-step process.

This diagram illustrates the overall process.

Workflow diagram of the overall migration process.

Before Starting the Workflow - Fulfill Key Components

Verify that you and your IT team have met the prerequisites and key items described in Before Starting the Self-Service Migration - Prerequisites and Key Things to Think About.

High-Level Overview

At a high-level, the migration workflow's phases are:

  1. You redeem your invitation and complete your first onboarding to Horizon Cloud Service - next-gen.
  2. You configure the required Active Directory domain and identity provider settings in your next-gen environment.
  3. You pair your first-gen Horizon Cloud tenant environment with your configured next-gen environment.
  4. You schedule a pod's migration maintenance window.
  5. When the schedule is saved to the system, the system starts its pre-build activities, creating the resources in your Microsoft Azure subscription that are required before the start of the maintenance window. The self-service migration workflow is designed so that in advance of the maintenance window, the system performs all of the activities that can be done without affecting admin and end user activities in the selected pod.
  6. During the pre-build activities, in advance of the maintenance window, you configure DNS records for mapping FQDNs to the IP addresses of the new Horizon Edge and Unified Access Gateway instances. The system creates those instances during the pre-build phase. You can have their IP addresses as soon as the instances are created.
  7. When you see the pre-build activities are completed, you can use the test floating pools to pre-validate floating pool behavior. Each test pool will have a single desktop VM to use to pre-validate the next-gen experience for that pool.
  8. When the scheduled maintenance window's start time is reached, the system begins those activities that require a maintenance window. During this maintenance time period, the system prevents admins from accessing the console and end users cannot access the pod's desktops and applications.
  9. When the activities of the maintenance window are complete, you perform the post-migration validation of the environment. Some post-migration configuration steps might be required.
  10. Finally, you confirm deletion of first-gen pod.

Each phase is further detailed in the corresponding sections below.