Welcome to the documentation for VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ on IBM Cloud (formerly with Hosted Infrastructure)! This documentation can help you learn about and use the service effectively to deliver virtual desktops and applications as a secure workspace on any device, anywhere, from capacity in the cloud using VMware-managed infrastructure.

Note: As of February 7, 2019, VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ on IBM Cloud is the new brand name for what was formerly known as VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ with Hosted Infrastructure. In the product documentation for current releases, customers will continue to find legacy references to previous names. These references will be phased out in subsequent releases.

The product documentation for older releases will continue to reflect the names they had at the times they were released.

Use the navigation tree to the left of this page to drill down into the product documents for the version you are using.

Note: To find documentation for other VMware Horizon® Cloud Service™ deployment modes that use capacity located in other public clouds, see the main VMware Horizon Cloud Service documentation page.