You can use the following procedure to add a custom application and associate it with one or more RDSH images.


Adding custom applications is not recommended. It is recommended that you add remote applications instead. See Add Remote Applications.


  1. Click the New button at the top of the Applications page.

    The first New Application dialog displays.

  2. Click the Custom button.

    The second New Application dialog appears

  3. Enter information as described below.




    Unique name for the new application

    Application Path

    Location of the application executable on the VM (for example, Z:\Customapps\app.exe) or UNC-specified path (for example, \\\vol1\software\app.exe )

    RDSH Images to use with

    Image(s) with which you want to use the application. Click in box and select from drop-down list. The list includes Windows Server 2008/2012 gold patterns, which are used for applications assignments.

    Icon File

    (Optional) .png file (32 x 32 pixels) to use as application’s icon. Click Choose File to browse for file.


    (Optional) Version number of application


    (Optional) Publisher of application

  4. Click Save.