You can access the Helpdesk Console from your web browser.

Note the following:

  • Use HTTPS, not HTTP. Using HTTP will not launch the console.

  • Chrome is the only supported browser for Console access. The following browsers are not yet supported: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

  • If console access is failing to launch, you may need to open the following URL and accept the certificate: https://<tenant_appliance_tenant_network_ip>:18001/

  • In a vCloud Director based environment, you need to make sure your browser accepts the vCloud Director server certificate.

  • Access to the Helpdesk Console is restricted to:

    • Tenant Administrators (Users with Admin access to the Horizon Cloud Administration Console)

    • Members of the Horizon_Air_Helpdesk AD group. This group can be used to provide access to support personnel that are not tenant administrators.


  1. In a Chrome web browser, navigate to https://<TenantApplianceNodeAddress>/haca where <TenantApplianceNodeAddress> is the IP address of the tenant.

    The login page displays.

  2. Enter your admin username and password, confirm that the correct domain is selected, and click Login.

    The Virtual Machines tab displays, containing a list of all VMs in all pools.