It is important that you install and configure the agents in a specific order before you configure the DaaS Agent.


  • Verify that the desktop template .ova file is imported.

  • Download Horizon Agent from

  • Download DaaS Agent from

Note: If you are upgrading the DaaS Agent on an existing setup, you must confirm that the Agent Pairing setting is configured correctly. See Edit General Settings.


  1. Install the Horizon Agent.
    1. Run the installer with viewagent-installer.exe if using vCenter to create Master VM.
    2. If you are installing on Windows Server without RDSH enabled, select the option to install the Agent in desktop mode.
    3. If you are installing on Windows Server with RDSH enabled, run the installer using this command: VMware-viewagent-x86_64-x.y.z-nnnnnnn.exe /v "VDM_SKIP_BROKER_REGISTRATION=1"
    4. Disable VMware Horizon View Composer Agent.
    5. Reboot when prompted.
  2. Install the DaaS Agent.

What to do next

Configure the DaaS Agent Using DHCP or Configure the DaaS Agent Manually.