You must complete Horizon Air configuration by registering Active Directory, completing the domain join, and adding the Super Administrator.


You must complete the entire Active Directory registration process before you can work with any other services. All services are locked until you complete these tasks.

The Active Directory infrastructure must be synchronized to an accurate time source.


  1. From the Getting Started page, select General Setup.
  2. Under Active Directory, click Edit.

    If this is the first time you are configuring Active Directory, the button is labeled Configure.

  3. In Register Active Directory dialog box, provide the requested registration information.



    NETBIOS Name

    Active Directory domain name

    DNS Domain Name

    Fully qualified Active Directory domain name


    LDAP or LDAPS, depending on your Active Directory setup

    Bind Username

    Domain administrator

    Bind Password

    Domain administrator password


    The defaults for this field are: LDAP -> 389 and LDAPS -> 636. You should not need to modify this field unless you are using a non-standard port.

    Domain Controller IP

    (Optional) Specify a single preferred domain controller IP address if you want AD traffic to use a specific domain controller.


    This option is autopopulated based on the DNS Domain Name information provided earlier.

  4. Click Domain Bind.
  5. Provide the domain join information.



    Join Username

    Domain administrator

    Join Password

    Domain administrator password

    Primary DNS Server IP

    IP address of primary DNS Server

    Secondary DNS Server IP

    (Optional) IP of secondary DNS Server

  6. Click Save.
  7. In the Add Super Administrator dialog box, use the Active Directory search function to select the AD administrator group to administer Horizon Air.
  8. Click Save.
  9. If the domain bind or domain join process fail, you must restart the registration process.
    1. Restart the browser.
    2. Log in first using your My VMware account.
    3. Log in to the Active Directory account using the domain service (bind) account login and password.
    4. Continue with the domain join process.
  10. If you click Cancel before you complete the registration, you can click Edit at any time from the Getting Started page to continue with registration.