Create a new desktop image from the Images page.

After you desktop VM is transferred to the compute resource by VMware, you can create a desktop image.


  1. From the Getting Started page, select Desktop Assignment > Create Image.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the required information.




    Start typing the first few letters of the template name. All desktops that can be converted to an image will display. Note that it takes approximately five minutes after the template import for the inventory to display. Select the name when it appears. Make sure that the desktop is powered on prior to conversion.


    Admin user for required desktop domain

    Password/Verify password

    Password for the Admin user

    Company Name

    Your company name


    Ignore this setting

  4. Click Publish.

    The publishing process takes several minutes to complete. If successful, the Image task shows as Complete.

    Note: Do not restore a VM to a snapshot taken prior to the bootstrapping process. If the agent has been already boot-strapped, this will prevent the agent from communicating as it should.

  5. If the publish operation fails:
    1. Select Monitor > Activity and locate the failed job.
    2. Correct the problem that caused the failure.
    3. Select Inventory > Images and select the check box next to the image.
    4. Click ... and select Convert to Desktop.
    5. Follow steps Step 2 to Step 4 to publish the image.