The Notifications page shows information regarding system notifications.

The Notifications page is available from the Monitor icon. You can perform these tasks.

  • Use the Show filter to display notifications for only a certain period of time.

  • View the total number of notifications.

  • Use the Filter box to filter notifications.

  • Refresh the list.

  • Download information in the list in .xlsx format with the Export feature.

The Notifications page displays notifications with information for each one.




Icon indicates the type of notification.

  • Blue "i" icon - information

  • Yellow "!" icon - warning

  • Red "x" icon - critical issue


Text of the notification.


Status of the notification. For example, Active or Dismissed,


Date of notification.


Notifications also appear in an abbreviated list format when you select the notifications icon ("bell" shape) at the top of the user interface page. You can double-click on a notification to view it on the Notifications page or select Show All to navigate to the Notifications page.