The hvexport tool is used to export desktop pool templates from Horizon View.

The tool also helps preparing the image, including checking configuration, downloading proper software and auto-installing and downloading the DaaS certificate and copying it to DaaS agent folder.


  1. Click the Help link on the Image Upload page.
  2. Click the links to download the tool and the platform configuration.

    The platform configuration is dynamically generated, and is used by the tool.

  3. Extract the downloaded archive.

    The hvexport tool includes three folders (export, repos, and software) and five files:

    • hvexport.bat

    • hvexport.jar


    • ImgUploadSvc.conf

    • readme.txt

    Files are organized as follows:

    • Downloaded ImgUploadSvc.conf in the tool folder.

    • Required software downloaded automatically (e.g. DaaS agent, View agent) in the software directory.

    • The export directory is the default directory where Horizon View desktop pool template will be exported to.


    The tool is a Java application and requires JRE to run.

  4. Launch the application using hvexport.bat or .sh. Follow the guide of the tool to export the VM and prepare the OS image.

    The tool is interactive, and will eventually create a linked clone of the target template VM on vCenter, and automatically upload required software into the guest OS. The following items are automatically downloaded:

    • Horizon DaaS Agent

    • Horizon View Agent

    • Horizon DaaS Health Agent

    In addition, tenant certificate (cacert.pem) is required for preparing the gold pattern. The tool also prepares the certificate, which is contained in the platform configuration file (ImgUploadSvc.conf) previously downloaded.

    The uploaded files should be installed automatically. In case something wrong with the image preparation, you can perform it manually on the target desktop.

    The hvexport tool performs a validation of the environment after software installation.

    The tool also persists state into a file, so it can be started over. Fields previously input will have a default value. For example, connection server address.

  5. Press ENTER directly to use the default value.