After you have prepared the image, you can upload it.


  1. On the Image Upload tab, click the Choose Files button to choose the virtual machine files.

    Normally this includes the following files:

    • One .ovf file

    • One or more .vmdk files

    • Optionally one .mf file

    Note the following:

    • Do not choose any .iso file. If you see any .iso file, edit your virtual machine, remove all CD-ROM drivers, and export again.

    • Currently OVA file is not supported yet. To convert OVA file to OVF format, rename the OVA file extension “.ova” to “.zip”, then use a zip tool to extract the archive. The extracted files are in OVF format.

    The uploaded VM template is converted to a desktop image.

  2. After the ovf files are selected, click the Configuration link to bring up the configuration page and fill in proper configuration.
  3. Click the Start Import button to launch the import process.

    The progress is shown with a detailed message.


    You can deploy the uploaded VM to another datacenter or desktop manager without uploading again. Select the Previously uploaded radio button in the Image Files section to reuse the uploaded files.