Use the Horizon Cloud Administration Console's user card feature as a dashboard to work with a specific user's assigned resources, such as that user's assignments.

You use the Administration Console's search feature to display the card for a specific user. See Using the Console's Search Feature for how to search for a user. When you click on a user in the search results, that user's card is displayed.

User card for sample user

Use the tabs at the top of the user card to work with those items in your environment that are related to that user.

User Card Tabs Description

Lists the user's assignments.

Note: When a user is entitled to a dedicated VDI desktop assignment, but has not yet launched the desktop for the first time, that assignment appears on the Assignments tab. However, after the user's first launch of the desktop, the system removes it from the Assignments tab's list and displays it on the Desktops tab.

Lists the user's active desktop sessions.

For a VDI dedicated desktop assignment, when the user launches the entitled VDI dedicated desktop for the first time, the system permanently assigns that VDI dedicated desktop to that user. As a result, the Desktops tab always lists the user's entitled VDI dedicated desktops after their initial use, even if the user does not have an active session to those desktops


Lists the user's entitled native and remote applications.

Writable Vol

Lists the user's entitled writable volumes.


Displays the user's activity for selected time periods.