The Getting Started wizard displays by default when you open the user interface, showing the tasks necessary to set up your Horizon Cloud system. The wizard provides a high-level overview of the work that you have done, and what you still need to do. You can access this page at any time by clicking the 'play' icon at the top of the page.

It is recommended that you perform the tasks in the order shown.

Note: When you log in for the first time, you must register the Active Directory before you can start using the system. See below under General Setup.
Section Description
General Setup Includes tasks related to general settings.
  • Active Directory
  • Roles and Permissions

    To edit roles and permissions:

    1. Click the Edit button under Roles & Permissions.
    2. Follow the steps in Edit Roles and Permissions.
  • User Session Information
    This feature allows user and domain data to be used by the Cloud Monitoring Service (CMS) for reports on the Reports page. If it is disabled, the following are not provided: 
    • The Unique User Summary feature of the Utilization report
    • The Session History report
    1. Click the Edit button under User Session Information.
    2. To keep the feature enabled, leave the default setting (YES) and click Save. To disable, switch the setting to NO and click Save.

    You can return to this setting and change it at any time, either in the Getting Started wizard or in General Settings.

    Note: The agents on the virtual machines (RDSH and VDI) need outbound Internet access so they can send the data to Horizon Cloud.
Desktop Assignment Includes tasks related to creating desktop assignments.
Application Assignment Includes tasks related to creating application assignments.
  • To create an RDSH image:
    • Click the Configure button under Create RDSH Image.
    • Follow the steps in Create an RDSH Image.
  • To create an application farm:
    • Click the New button under Create Application Farm.
    • Follow the steps in Create a Farm.
  • To review application inventory:
    • Click the Go button under Application Inventory.
    • Review and edit applications on the Applications page as described in Applications.
  • To create a new application assignment:

At the bottom of the page, use the slider to indicate if you want the Getting Started page to appear at startup.