Before you can assign applications to users, you must package the applications into AppStacks. An AppStack is a collection of files, folders, registries, and metadata stored in .vhd or .vmdk files. The AppStack is accompanied by a .json file.

You use AppCapture to create and manage AppStacks. AppCapture is a standalone utility which you run outside of App Volumes. You can run AppCapture from a command line, from the AppCapture GUI, or using Microsoft PowerShell.

You create AppStacks on a virtual machine with the AppCapture utility.

App Volumes uses only .vmdk files. You might use .vhd files to install applications on a physical machine with other VMware products.

AppCapture and UEM Application Profiler

You might want to personalize an AppStack after capturing the applications in it, without performing an actual assignment.

You can use the UEM application profiler that is packaged with the AppCapture installer for personalization. When you use the AppCapture.exe command with the /personalize option, the UEM application profiler window is displayed. You can choose the applications you want to personalize and store the settings.

See AppCapture Command-Line Options for details about using the /personalize option.