Use the AppCapture utility to package applications to copy to a file share.



  1. Log in as administrator to the machine where you want to install AppCapture.
  2. Download the AppCapture installer, VMware-appvolumes-appcapture-<buildnumber>.exe from the VMware downloads page.
  3. Double-click the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install AppCapture.
  4. (Required) Wait for the machine to reboot and verify that AppCapture.exe is installed under C:\Program Files(x86)\VMware\AppCapture .

What to do next

  • The UEM Application profiler is also installed with the AppCapture utility. You can personalize AppStacks using the UEM Application profiler.
  • When you install AppCapture, the AppCapture GUI is also installed on your system. Use the AppCapture Client to create and manage App Bundles. See Using the AppCapture Client.