When you click the Give Feedback menu choice in the Administration Console, nothing happens or a browser error message appears.


The Administration Console's Help menu ( Green circle Help icon) has a Give Feedback choice. Depending on your settings for your local system's browser or mail application, when you click it, you might see one of the following:
  • Nothing happens.
  • A browser error message appears.


The design for this menu choice is to run the new mail action of your local system's default mail application, using mailto:feedback.horizonair@vmware.com. This error occurs when the browser cannot perform the mailto action, such as under these conditions:

  • Your browser is set up to block pop-up windows.
  • Your browser's applications list is not configured with a default action for the mailto content type or the mailto content type is configured with the action Always ask.
  • Your local system does not have a default local mail application configured


  1. If your browser blocks pop-up windows, add the Administration Console's URL to the exception list.
  2. Configure your browser's mailto content type's action with a mail application, so that the Give Feedback choice can successfully open a new email form.
  3. If you do not want to change your browser settings, you can submit feedback by manually sending an email to feedback.horizonair@vmware.com.