You can merge two or more single App Bundles to create a merged App Bundle.

Note: To take full advantage of the AppToggle facility, you can only merge single App Bundles into an AppStack. You cannot merge an already merged App Bundle with another App Bundle.


  1. From the AppCapture Client, click MERGED APP BUNDLES.
  2. Provide the following information.
    Option Description
    Name (Required) The name of the bundle.
    Description Description of the bundle.
    Author Name of person or entity who created the merged bundle. Defaults to the current user or the name that is stored in the application's settings.
    Destination Location where the merged bundle is to be saved.
  3. Click Add.
    A list of App Bundles that can be merged is displayed.
  4. Select the bundles and click OK.
  5. Click Create.


A message is displayed after the merge operation is complete. Click the log to view the details of the merge operation.