Note the following when launching desktops and remote applications.

  • If you log into the Horizon Client and have an active application session, you may be prompted to reconnect depending on the Horizon Client settings. The Horizon Client will only prompt to reconnect to an application session once. It will not prompt again until you logout and log back in. If the session fails to connect, users should attempt to launch applications normally.
  • You cannot have an active RDS desktop and active remote application session at the same time.
  • Idle timeouts are based on the activity on the endpoint device, not on the desktop or application.
  • RDP is not a compatible protocol if you are logged in via PCoIP on another device. You must log out of the PCoIP session before attempting to connect via RDP.
  • The Horizon Client displays RDS desktops and remote applications as launchable items. If you do not see an option to connect to your RDS pool as a desktop, confirm that the RDSH service is enabled for full desktop access and that you have Horizon Client 3.0 or higher.
  • The remote application name displayed is the name assigned in the pool, so it is important to make the names meaningful in order to distinguish between the applications when multiple pools are mapped to them.
  • The Reset Application function will log you off of all application sessions regardless of the session host you are using.
  • USB re-direction is not supported for RDS-based servers.
  • Launching RDSH applications is supported in HTML Access. See Blast with HTML Access.