Use the agent update feature to update agent software for an image and push updates to assignments.

The agent update feature allows automated update of all the agents in an image in a single operation.

  • The system makes regular contact with the VMware CDS software distribution network and downloads agent updates automatically to a file share that you have set up on a local machine. The update files are then automatically imported into the system and made available for images.
  • The availability of updates is indicated on the Images page, where you can apply them to images.
  • Your VMware representative can adjust the interval between scans for new agents and the wait time for scans after tenant startup if you request it.


  • You must have created an Agents file share and added it to Horizon Cloud. This means that you select Agents for the file share type when you create the file share. Agents file shares are used only for importing agent update files. See Managing File Shares.
  • The image must already have DaaS Agent or higher in order to perform a DaaS Agent update.
  • The image must already have Horizon Agent or higher in order to perform a Horizon Agent update.


  1. Click Inventory > Images.
    The Images page displays, with a blue dot appearing next to the name of any assignment that has agent updates available.
    • If you hover over a blue dot, a popup displays indicating the agent updates available for that image.
    • The system selects the latest versions of each agent by default, but you can open each drop-down to view all available versions.
  2. Select the check box an image. You can only update agents for one image at a time.
  3. Click Update Agent.
    The Agent Update dialog displays.
  4. On the Software tab, select the agent(s) to update and click Next.
  5. On the Agreements tab, select the Agree radio button for each agreement you wish to accept and click Next. The system skips the update for any item for which you do not accept the agreement.
  6. (Optional) On the Command Line tab, add any command line options. For details regarding command line options, see the documentation for the relevant agent.
    Note: There are currently no command line options available for the DaaS Agent.
  7. Click Finish.
    • A message displays at the top of the page indicating that the update has started.
    • The system creates a clone of the image and updates the agent(s) on the clone image.
    Note the following:
    • Desktops are updated in batches, which cannot be larger than 30. If the assignment has 30 or fewer desktops, all desktops in the assignment will be updated together. Your VMware representative can adjust the batch size if you request it.
    • If a desktop has an active session, the user will be warned five minutes before the update occurs.
    • If a user attempts to login into a desktop that is being updated, the login will be unsuccessful and the user will receive a message that the desktop is not available.

    You can view the progress of the update task by selecting Monitor > Activity. The task description indicates the agent being updated and the assignment on which the update is being performed. If the task is not successful within 24 hours, it fails.

  8. Push updates based on the clone image. For more information, see Managing Images.
  9. (Optional) Delete the original image and rename the clone image with the original image name.