The file redirection feature allows users to open local files in entitled remote applications that support given file type.

The feature is enabled in the Horizon Client when the Open local files in hosted applications option is selected.

This functionality allows users to do the following:

  • Open a local file in a remote application by double-clicking the file in the client machine or by right-clicking, selecting Open with, and choosing the remote application in the menu.
  • In the remote application, browse the complete folder where the file resides.
  • Save changes made using the remote application to the local client disk.
  • Register an entitled application as a file handler for the file types that those applications can open, or chose to open with the remote application a single time.

    When an application has been set as the default handler:

    • the file's preview icon will be the entitled application's icon in the application launcher page.
    • the file type description will be overridden by the remote application, if any.
    • double-clicking a file of that type will launch the View Client.