You can perform several actions on the farms listed on the Administration Console's Farms page.

Actions You Can Perform on the Farms Page

At a page level, you can select the check box next to an existing farm and click one of the buttons to perform its associated action on the farm.

Clicking this button launches a wizard in which you can change certain settings, such as the farm's power management settings, the minimum and maximum number of servers the farm can have, and so on. The wizard is similar to the New Farm wizard, with read-only fields for those settings that cannot be changed for an existing farm. For detailed descriptions of the fields, see Create a Farm.

Alternatively, instead of using the Edit button, you can click the farm's name and update the settings from the farm's summary page.

Take Offline
Clicking this button opens a window in which you can select to take a farm offline for maintenance.
Bring Online
Clicking this button opens a window in which you can select to bring an offline farm back online.
You use this button to delete the selected farm. However, before you can delete a farm using this button, you must delete any assignments that are using the farm. You can view the assignments that are using the farm by navigating to the Assignments page and sorting on its Farms column.
Note: Deleting the farm deletes all of the farm's underlying server VMs. When a farm is deleted, all of that farm's logged activity is removed from the Activity page.

Actions You Can Perform Within a Farm's Detailed Pages

From the Farms page, you can click a farm's name to see its detailed pages. Initially the Summary page is displayed.

Farm Demo1 - Summary page

Summary page
The Summary page displays the farm's current settings. For each page section, you can click Edit to change those settings that the system allows to be updated for an existing farm. Some settings cannot be changed on a farm after it is created, such as its node.
Servers page
The Servers page displays the existing server instances in the farm. The actions you can perform on a selected server are power on or off (depending on the server's current state) and delete.
Farm Demo2 - Servers page

Sessions page
The Sessions page displays the farm's existing user sessions. When you select a session, you can disconnect it or log the user off the session. When you click Disconnect, you force the user's session to be disconnected. No message is sent to the user that the session is disconnecting. When you click Log Off, a message is displayed to the user with a grace period in which the user can save documents before the session ends.
System Activity page
The System Activity page displays activity in the farm due to system actions, such as expanding the farm.
You can cancel assignment-related tasks before they complete by selecting the task in the list and clicking Cancel Tasks.
  • Before attempting to select a task for cancellation, refresh the view to update the status for the tasks displayed.
  • If a task is currently in a state where the system allows you to cancel it, you can select the check box corresponding to that cancellable task. If you select all of the listed tasks by selecting the topmost check box, only those tasks that are currently cancellable are selected.
  • Assignment expansion tasks are sometimes cancellable when they are in queued status. They are not cancellable when they are running.
  • Assignment refresh tasks, where the system is pushing updates to the assignments, are sometimes cancellable when they are queued or running.
  • When the system has automatically created an expansion task for a session desktop assignment, the farm must be offline before you can cancel that task.
User Activity page
The User Activity page displays activity in the farm due to user actions, such as logging on and logging off sessions provided by the farm.