Create an App Bundle and capture applications into it using the AppCapture Client.

Note: App Bundles can contain more than one application. However, to take full advantage of the AppToggle and AppMerge features, install only one application in an App Bundle. See Create a Merged App Bundle.


  1. From the AppCapture Client, click APP BUNDLES.
  2. Click Capture and provide the following information:
    Option Description
    Name (Required) The name of the App Bundle.
    Description (Optional) Description of the App Bundle.
    Author (Optional) Name of the person who created the App Bundle. Defaults to the current user or the name that is stored in the application's settings.
    Destination (read-only) Automatically populated with the selected file share location. The App Bundle files, VHD and associated JSON files are created in this location.
    The command script that is generated is shown at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click Create.
    The AppCapture process is launched. You are prompted to install the applications you want to capture in the App Bundle. Continue to follow on-screen directions to complete the task of creating the App Bundle.

What to do next

The capture process is completed only after the virtual machine reboots. After the machine has rebooted, and the AppCapture Client has restarted automatically, go to the APP BUNDLES page. Double-click the bundle you created and verify that the bundle contains the applications you installed in it.