AppCapture creates several files and folders.

AppCapture creates various folders in C:\ProgramData\VMware\AppCapture\appvhds.
Table 1. AppCapture Folders
Folder Description
appvhds .vhd, .json, and .vdmk files that are generated when you create an AppStack by using AppCapture.
logs Log file generated by AppCapture. The log file is named AppCapture.log and is located in C:\ProgramData\VMware\AppCapture\logs.
modules PowerCLI .dll files that are required to perform PowerCLI operations.
plugins Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure plug-ins. Plug-ins convert the AppStack to the correct format for deployment to end users.

.vhd file templates that act as boilerplate .vhd files on which AppStacks are created.

AppCapture creates these files in the appvhds directory unless you specify a different directory. See AppCapture Command-Line Options.
Table 2. AppCapture Files
File Description
application.vhd .vhd file that holds the application files that are part of the AppStack.
application.vmdk VMDK-format Virtual Hard Disk file that Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure natively uses.
application.json The .json file with information about the applications that are captured in the AppStack.