After logging into a desktop, a user can click Options to open the Options menu.

The following table describes the functionality available from the Options menu.

Switch Desktop

Allows the User to access the Desktop Selection Screen or Switch between open desktop sections. See the Desktop Selection Screen Section for controls and info. This will not work if your session has timed out.

Autoconnect to this Desktop

For PC and thin clients, makes the specified desktop the user's default desktop when the desktop is part of a dynamic pool. On the next login, the desktop will immediately be displayed as long as:

  • The user has only one desktop mapped to them.
  • There is not a problem with the login credentials or desktop state.

If a user selects Autoconnect and then logs in with multiple desktops, the Autoconnect to this Desktop setting is set to off/false. If the session times out, the Autoconnect setting is not saved and the user cannot autoconnect at the next log in.

Reset Desktop

Triggers a reboot on the desktop. This will not work if the session has timed out.


Disconnects the current user from their active session.

Disconnect and Logoff

Disconnects and logs off the user from their active session.