The Applications page shows all of the applications available for assignments.

Click the Inventory icon and select Applications to access the Applications page.

There are two types of applications:

  • Remote applications are those imported from an RDS farm. You add third-party user applications to the RDS image before publishing that image to Horizon Cloud. You can either automatically scan your farms to add their applications to your applications inventory or manually add applications from the farm.

  • Custom applications are applications in the RDS farms' servers that you manually add into the inventory by using the New button on the Applications page and the Manually from Farm choice. Even though the best practice is to use the automated way, the manual method can be useful for some unique situations, such as for adding applications that are invoked from the command prompt or which cannot be auto-detected in a Windows operating system.

You can take the following actions on the Applications page.


Add a Remote or Custom Application.


Select an application to make changes.


Delete an application.


Rename an application.