You can perform certain actions on the individual servers in a farm.


  1. Click Inventory > Farms.
    The Farms page displays.
  2. Click the name of a farm on the list.
    The farm details page displays.
  3. Click Servers at the top of the page.

    The Servers tab displays, showing a list of servers for the farm. You can filter, refresh, and export the list using the controls to the top right of the page.

    You can perform the following actions by selecting one or more servers and clicking one of the buttons at the top of the page.
    Note: Server status must be green to perform these actions.
    Option Description
    Power Off Shuts down the selected servers.
    • You can select more than one server at a time.
    • You can only shut down VMs that do not have active user sessions.
    Power On Starts up the selected powered-off servers.
    Delete Deletes the selected server.
    Reset Agent Pairing Repairs the agent pairing state when pairing failure has occurred.
    • You can select multiple servers. The action will only be applied to those selected servers that are currently powered on.
    • You can view progress on the Monitor > Activity page or on the System Activity tab of the farm's detail page.
    Launch Console Launches a console so that you can log in to the virtual machine.