You can use the following procedure to edit an application.


  1. Select an application on the Applications page and click the Edit button at the top of the page.
    The Edit Application dialog appears.
  2. Edit information as described below.
    Note: Some items are not editable.
    Field Description
    Name Unique name for the application
    Display Name Name for the application that you want displayed to end users when they see the application in their clients, such as in Horizon Client or the browser using Horizon HTML Access.
    Pod This option only displays if your data center is configured with multiple pods. Displays the name of the pod where the farm is located.
    Farm The farm that was specified when the application was added into your inventory.
    Application Path Location of the application executable on the VM (for example, Z:\Customapps\app.exe) or UNC-specified path (for example, \\\vol1\software\app.exe )
    Icon File .png file (32 x 32 pixels) to use as application’s icon. [optional] Click Choose File to browse for file.
    Application available on Farm This option reflects the choice that was specified when the application was added into your inventory.
    Version Version number of application [optional]
    Publisher Publisher of application [optional]
    Start Folder Specify the location in the RDS server VM's Windows operating system that you want the remote application to use as its start folder.
    Note: If you specify a LNK file in the Application Path that specifies its own start directory, the system does not use the location specified here.
    Parameters Specify any command line parameters you want used when the remote application is launched.
  3. Click Save.