The URL Content Redirection ADMX template file, called urlRedirection.admx, contains settings that enable you to control whether a URL link is opened on the client (agent-to-client redirection) or in a remote desktop or application (client-to-agent redirection).

To apply the URL Content Redirection group policy settings to your remote desktops and applications, add the ADMX template file to GPOs on your Active Directory server. For rules regarding URL links clicked in a remote desktop or application, the GPOs must be linked to the OU that contains your virtual desktops and RDS hosts.

You can also apply the group policy settings to a GPO that is linked to the OU that contains your Windows client computers, but the preferred method for configuring client-to-agent redirection is to use the vdmutil command-line utility. Because macOS does not support GPOs, you must use vmdutil if you have Mac clients.


  • Verify that the URL content redirection feature is included when Horizon Agent is installed in the image VM, as described in Create a URL Redirection Customization and Assign it to Users.
  • Verify that Active Directory GPOs are created for the URL Content Redirection group policy settings.
  • Verify that the MMC and the Group Policy Management Editor snap-in are available on your Active Directory server.


  1. Download the Horizon GPO Bundle ZIP file from the Horizon Cloud downloads page located within the Downloads area of
    The file has a name in the form where x.x.x is the version and yyyyyyy is the build number. All ADMX files that provide group policy settings for the product are available in this file.
  2. Unzip that ZIP file and copy the URL Content Redirection ADMX file to your Active Directory server.
    1. Copy the urlRedirection.admx file to the C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions folder.
    2. Copy the urlRedirection.adml language resource file to the appropriate subfolder in C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions.
      For example, for the EN locale, copy the urlRedirection.adml file to the C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\en-US folder.
  3. On your Active Directory server, open the Group Policy Management Editor.
    The URL Content Redirection group policy settings are installed in Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > VMware Horizon URL Redirection.

What to do next

Configure the group policy settings in your Active Directory server. For descriptions of the settings, see URL Content Redirection Group Policy Settings.