You can deploy virtual desktop images in Horizon Cloud Service using either traditional or instant clones.

  • Traditional clones – Also called full clones, traditional clones are independent copies of a VM that share nothing with the parent VM after the cloning operation. Ongoing operation and management of a traditional clone is typically separate from the parent VM.
  • Instant-clone desktops – Desktops that can be rapidly assembled on demand using VMware Instant Clone Technology. Instant Clone Technology allows identical VM clones to be created quickly. This feature builds a new VM by cloning an existing, partially booted parent VM, thus significantly reducing the disk and memory requirements and I/O cost of provisioning. The instant-clone process is faster than previous desktop-cloning technology.

For most use cases, instant clones should be leveraged. Instant clones provide the ability to manage a group of desktops using a single master image.

Traditional clones are still the preferred method for a few use cases, especially for those requiring 3D graphics. And you must use a traditional clone with all RDSH images.