This topic describes the process of setting up Direct Connect.

When setting up Direct Connect, work with your telecommunications provider to establish a connection to the Horizon Cloud Service data center and then connect to your Horizon Cloud Service tenant by establishing connectivity between the NSP router and your Edge Gateway. The Horizon Cloud Service team works with you to establish this connection. You must complete the VMware Direct Connect Collection form to establish connectivity. This form requests basic information, such as a network administrator contact, your telecommunications provider, connectivity type, and circuit ID.

When using Direct Connect, you must provide a network subnet with a minimum of two addresses (/30) to use between the carrier termination and Horizon Cloud Service and establish connectivity to your Edge Gateway.

You must also provide a Letter of Authorization – Customer Facility Request (LOA-CFA), which is usually from your telecommunications provider to VMware, to facilitate the connection of the Cross Connect or Network Exchange between the NSP router and the Horizon Cloud Service environment. The LOA-CFA usually provides the cabinet, patch panel, and a port number.

Horizon Cloud Service supports multiple Direct Connects, although load balancing the connections is not supported. To deploy redundant connections with direct connects and automatic failover requires implementing the appropriate network routing. For more information, see Network Routing.