It is important to establish good backup practices. Include representatives from your backup and desktop teams in the decision-making and deployment from the start to address questions, concerns, and issues early.

Supporting Many Backups of Images

Horizon Cloud Service on IBM Cloud allows you to keep two backups of any given image. If you want more than two backups, you must manage subsequent backups manually. It is recommended that you create a management pool with several VMs to copy, back up, test, and verify success whenever you make changes to the image.

Backing Up Before Changes

Before making changes to an image, it is recommended that you create a backup so that if something breaks while making changes, you can revert to the previous image. Create one basic image, copy it several times, and modify one copy for each business unit, such as one for your financial department, another for your operations department, and so on. Then back up all images before the change so that you can revert if needed.

Always Testing Changes

Any changes to your infrastructure, whether patches, upgrades, additions, or subtractions, affect the infrastructure, sometimes in unforeseen ways. Additions can break the system and damage the image, and new patches can conflict with existing applications on the desktops. Therefore, it is important to test each time you make a change. To verify that your changes have not had an adverse effect, change and test a small subset of desktops before applying the change to all your production assignments. User acceptance testing can be included as one of the steps in your testing process.

Backing Up After Successful Changes

Back up again after making successful changes to an image so that if something goes wrong after a future change, the image can be reinstated in the future.

To back up images, you can set up a management assignment specifically for backups and copies of images and add VMs to the pool to use for testing and backup purposes. Restoration is then a matter of reverting to another VM in the management assignment, which is based on a previously successful image.