You can provide a persistent-like user experience on nonpersistent desktops by using redirection with user profiles. Users get the same application settings and files when they log in, no matter which non-persistent desktop they use. With redirection, your users enjoy the advantages of persistent desktops for the cost of nonpersistent desktops.

To use redirection, identify the resources your users need to do their work, determine where your users save their work, and decide how much of their work you want to redirect. For example, you can choose to redirect everything that your users save to their desktops or My Documents folder to a file share. Giving users access to the file share makes their work always available to them, no matter which desktop assignment or remote application they use. You can also redirect backgrounds, screensavers, configurations for Outlook, and so on. Another option is to train your users to save all their work to a file share themselves, thus doing the work of redirecting.