Horizon Cloud Service users can connect to desktops and applications from a mobile, tablet, thin, or traditional Mac or PC computing device, as well as from a web browser.

Users launch the Horizon Client and securely connect to the desktop or application through Unified Access Gateway. The user’s connection to the Unified Access Gateway can be through your corporate connection to Horizon Cloud Service or an Internet connection hosted by Horizon Cloud Service. After completing single- or two-factor authentication, you see a list of authorized applications and desktops. Click a resource, and you connect using either the Blast Extreme or PCoIP display protocols.

For devices without Horizon Clients, or if you need quick access to your applications and desktops, you can connect to the Horizon Cloud Service User Portal through the same internal or Internet connection method using a web browser. After you securely log in, you have the option of launching desktops and applications using the VMware HTML5-based client.