This topic provides guidance on determining the number of images you need for your environment.

It is best to maintain the least number of base images possible to limit maintenance complexity. Each image must be patched, updated, and maintained. Planning enables you to choose the optimal number of base images for your environment. Your VMware Horizon Cloud Service representative can help you determine what your business units, such as accounting, IT, sales, and legal departments, have in common and which business units must be siloed. Horizon Cloud Service includes up to 10 image templates with each subscription, and you can convert additional images from your standard desktop capacity. See Service Description: VMware Horizon Cloud Service on IBM Cloud.

Also consider alternative methods of reducing image sprawl, such as application virtualization and application layering technologies, which allow you to abstract the application from the desktop, providing a mechanism to dynamically and instantly deliver the application to the desktop without installing or updating the application directly in the image. The application package is updated instead of the desktop image, which results in fewer images to manage.