Your Horizon Cloud Service tenant contains multiple zones. For the Services Zone and the Desktop Zone, you must assign the networks to use. If you are integrating with your existing environment, those networks cannot be in use.

The Services Zone hosts the Horizon Cloud Service, including tenant appliances, utility servers, and internal Unified Access Gateway appliances. It is recommended that you use a subnet that provides approximately 30 IP addresses (/27), although you determine if that is the appropriate number based on your requirements. This subnet cannot overlap existing networks in your network infrastructure.

The Desktop Zone is where all your desktops and RDSH servers are located. You define and assign a network to support the total number of desktops and RDSH servers that you need. It is recommended that you maintain extra address capacity in the subnet for desktop refreshes and maintenance. The subnet cannot overlap what is already in use on your network infrastructure.

When using Direct Connect options, you must provide a network with a minimum of two addresses (/30) to use between the carrier termination and VMware. For more information, see Understanding Direct Connect.