When planning a Horizon Cloud Service deployment, prepare to answer the following questions.

  • Do I want to integrate the cloud-hosted desktops and hosted applications with my environment to use my existing directory, file, application, and print services?
    • If yes, how do I want to direct my users’ Internet-bound desktop traffic?
      • Through the VMware data center?
      • Through my organization’s network?
    • If yes, how much traffic must traverse the connection between my virtual desktops and hosted applications and my organization’s network to access those resources?
      • Is an IPsec VPN sufficient?
      • Or do I need a dedicated connection such as MPLS?
      • Do I need manual or automatic failover for my connection?
    • If no, which infrastructure do I need to support my use case and where do I put it?
      • Do I need directory, file, and application services?
      • Can I put everything required in the Horizon Cloud Service tenant?
      • Or do I need an IaaS tenant?
  • Do I want my employees to have access to their desktops from outside my organization’s network?
    • If yes, do I want to use a custom URL or one provided by VMware?
      • Do I want to use desktop.mycompany.com?
      • Or do I want to use mycompany.horizon.vmware.com?
Note: For questions about desktop subnets and IP addresses, see Subnet Considerations.