This Direct Connect routing configuration is a good choice when you require all in-guest and Internet-bound desktop traffic to traverse Direct Connect through your company-owned Internet gateway, but also require users to be able to connect over the Internet. Desktop traffic destined for the Internet must be managed either using your provided proxy agent or through a group policy configuration because no desktop traffic traverses the VMware gateway.

As shown in the diagram below, external user protocol traffic flows through the Horizon Cloud Service gateway to provide access to desktops and applications, but all in-guest traffic and Internet-bound desktop traffic traverses Direct Connect to your organization's data center. This option provides the advantage of enabling full visibility and control over user and desktop activity. However, it can pose significant challenges with routing the protocol traffic coming in from the Internet by preventing users from connecting remotely to the environment. If you are considering this option, consult your Horizon Cloud Service representative to fully understand the considerations.

Figure 1. Connectivity Through Your Organization’s Internet Gateway