You can leverage the power of GPU-acceleration for any application on any device using either Soft3D or Graphics Workstations 3D graphics acceleration

  • Soft3D – Available in the Professional, Premium, and Performance desktop models, along with shared Hosted Application Servers in Horizon Cloud Service. Soft3D provides software-accelerated graphics and allows you to run DirectX 9 and OpenGL 2.1 applications without a physical GPU. Use this feature for less demanding 3D applications, such as Windows Aero themes, Microsoft Office 2010, and Google Earth.
  • Graphics Workstations – For more high-end 3D needs, including advanced, graphics-rich applications, Horizon Cloud Service offers Graphics Workstations backed with NVIDIA GRID vGPU. Horizon Cloud Service brings workstation-class performance to remote and mobile workers even over high-latency networks just like any other desktop. Note that 3D graphics applications typically have different bandwidth requirements than traditional office worker applications. Work with the VMware Horizon Cloud Service team to define your specific bandwidth requirements.

All required NVIDIA licensing and requisite hardware are included in the price of Graphics Workstation. For more information, see Service Description: VMware Horizon Cloud Service on IBM Cloud. For more information about NVDIA GRID with Horizon 7, see the documentation for Horizon 7 with Blast 3D.