This topic provides an overview of the Horizon Cloud Service on IBM Cloud system.

Horizon Cloud Service on IBM Cloud consists of the following major components:

Component Description
Image, also called image template A desktop or RDSH server image that can be used in a Horizon Cloud Service infrastructure to create desktop or application assignments. It is used as the base image from which virtual machines (VMs) are cloned.
VMware Horizon Client™ Software-based client installed on a desktop, thin client, mobile device, or tablet that facilitates connectivity to Horizon Cloud Service–hosted desktops and applications.
Horizon Cloud Service tenant appliance A hardened Linux appliance that provides desktop and application brokering, provisioning, and entitlement services. It hosts the end-user and administrative portals.
Horizon Cloud Service–hosted virtual desktop A virtualized and optimized desktop that is hosted in Horizon Cloud Service. A virtual desktop supports a single connection, delivering a fully functional desktop to the end user. Horizon Cloud Service agents are installed on the virtual desktop to support a connection from the Horizon Client.
Horizon Cloud Service–hosted RDSH A server-based model for delivering applications and shared full desktops in Horizon Cloud Service using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and VMware Horizon technology. Compared to a single connection for each virtual desktop, RDSH servers can support multiple desktop and application sessions from different users. Horizon Cloud Service agents are installed on the RDSH servers to support connections from the Horizon Client.
Desktop and services subnets Unique IP subnets that you assign to allow for desktop, application, and administrative connectivity. The Desktop Zone uses the desktop subnet for virtual desktops and RDSH servers. The Services Zone uses the services subnet for tenant appliances and other utility services.
Horizon Cloud Service User Portal A web-based portal offering users clientless access to Horizon Cloud Service desktops and applications using HTML5.
Horizon Cloud Service Administration Console The web-based portal used by IT administrators to provision and manage Horizon Cloud Service desktops and applications, resource entitlements, and images.
Edge Gateway A gateway that provides network edge security and gateway services to isolate security zones and virtualized networks along with NAT, DHCP, VPN, and a load balancer.
VMware Unified Access Gateway A hardened Linux appliance that allows for secure remote access into the Horizon Cloud Service environment and is part of the Security Zone (for external Horizon Cloud Service access) and the Services Zone (for internal Horizon Cloud Service access).

For additional terms and concepts, see the VMware Technical Publications Glossary online.