As part of the Horizon Cloud Service offering, VMware provides one RDSH server and guides you through the basic image life cycle for an RDSH server.

  • The life cycle includes methods of putting the RDSH server in install mode, installing applications on it, and moving forward into publish mode.
  • After moving into publish mode, you can turn the RDSH server into an image from which you can deploy the remote applications that you just installed.
  • You can also use RDSH images to provide RDS session desktops. The Horizon Cloud Advanced Onboarding packages can assist you with completing this process for two to three applications so that you are confident to do more on your own.

For more information, see the pre-onboarding datasheet provided by the onboarding team.

If you have business units that should have exclusive access to specific applications, such as HR or finance departments, or applications that require isolated segregation, such as SAP, it is recommended that you configure separate RDSH images for each department or application to maintain the necessary isolation.