Challenges in providing a good user experience include latency, protocol choice, distance, bandwidth, and connection outages.

Consider the following elements when choosing your networking solution.

Item Description
Requirements of your organization

The needs of every organization are different. Assess your needs, such as the type of computing tasks and workloads expected, graphics intensity, user location, peripherals used, and average bandwidth usage of each type of user.

Bandwidth consumption Many elements can affect network bandwidth, including protocol choice, monitor resolution and configuration, and the amount of multimedia content in the workload. Concurrent launches of streamed applications can also cause usage spikes. Because the effects vary widely, many organizations monitor bandwidth consumption as part of a pilot project.
Traffic traversing the connection Consider the amount of traffic required for accessing your organization’s applications, file servers, and authentication.
CPU and RAM saturation Examine the physical network device used for the connection to Horizon Cloud Service to understand your current CPU and RAM saturation and available throughput. Older devices might not be able to simultaneously maintain high speeds, encryption, and multiple tunnels.
Bandwidth When deploying Horizon Cloud Service and leveraging Horizon Cloud Service–provided Internet connectivity, a specific amount of network bandwidth is guaranteed, called peak bandwidth, which is based on the number and model of desktops deployed. This is the bandwidth allotted for as a part of the connection to the Internet from the Horizon Cloud Service. For more information, see Service Description: VMware Horizon Cloud Service on IBM Cloud.
Network and application assessment To ensure a successful Horizon Cloud Service deployment, perform a thorough network and application assessment to determine the configuration to support the necessary bandwidth while meeting latency and packet loss requirements. Include all active application traffic across the end-to-end network to ensure that sufficient minimum bandwidth is available, even with network congestion.
Optimization controls available with PCoIP and Blast Extreme If you use the PCoIP or Blast Extreme display protocol from VMware, you can adjust several elements that affect bandwidth usage. For more information, see the PCoIP General Settings and VMware Blast Policy Settings sections in the VMware Horizon documentation.