Although the Horizon Cloud Service platform relies on AD, you are not required to integrate Horizon Cloud Service with an existing AD environment. You can use a separate, isolated AD domain that is local to the Horizon Cloud Service desktops and applications service. You can request an isolated domain from the Horizon Cloud Service team.

Choosing a pilot domain is advantageous for the following use cases:

Use Case Description
Companies with outsourced users If your company offloads development work to other countries, you need to provide employees with desktops, but you might not want them connecting directly into your own infrastructure. In a pilot domain, you can set up everything those employees need in an isolated environment.
Companies with seasonal users If your company has seasonal work that ramps up two or three times a year for a couple of months, you might not want to add a large number of desktops to your corporate AD structure. You can use a separate pilot domain when you need it and discard it when the season is over.
Companies with limited resources If your company has limited infrastructure, you can use a separate isolated domain to save the cost of building a primary directory services infrastructure.