Some applications cannot be automatically detected by scanning the farm. You can manually add those applications to your Horizon Cloud applications catalog.

If you have more than one such application, repeat these steps to add the applications you want.


Verify that you have at least one applications farm in your inventory by navigating to Inventory > Farms.


  1. On the Applications page, click New.

    New Application screen

  2. In the start screen, click Manually from Farm.
  3. In the Properties section, specify the following values.




    Unique name for the application.

    Display Name

    Name for the application that you want displayed to end users when they see the application in their clients, such as in Horizon Client or Workspace ONE.


    This option only displays if your data center is configured with multiple pods. Select a pod to filter the set of farms displayed in the Farm list.


    Select the farm that has the RDSH server VM from which you want to add the application.

    Application Path

    Specify the path to the application in the RDSH server VM's operating system.

    Icon File

    Optional: Upload a PNG file (32 x 32 pixels) to use as the application's icon.

  4. In the Advanced Properties section, specify these optional settings.



    Application available on Farm

    Select Yes to have the system validate the application path. If the application is not located on the farm at that path, select No so that the system does not attempt to look for the application. For example, if an application is stored in the local directory in the server VM, you would select No so that the system does not try to find the application there.


    Optional: Version number of the application


    Optional: Publisher of the application

    Start Folder

    Specify the location in the RDS server VM's Windows operating system that you want the remote application to use as its start folder.


    If you specify a LNK file in the Application Path that specifies its own start directory, the system does not use the location specified here.


    Specify any command line parameters you want used when the remote application is launched.

  5. Click Submit.


The system adds an entry for the application to the Applications page.

What to do next

Repeat the steps for any applications you want from your other farms.