You can push software patches to appliances on the System Patches page.

Pushing out software patches to all appliances in one or more Data Centers is a two-step process:

  1. Upload the patch.

  2. Install the patch file on all appliances.

These actions are described in the sections below.

Upload a Patch File

When you upload the patch file, it is automatically replicated to all appliances:

  1. Select appliances → software updates. The System Patches screen displays.

  2. Click Browse to browse for the patch file.

  3. Click Upload.

    • The Service Center checks whether the file is the correct file type.

    • If there is more than one Data Center, the patch file is automatically replicated to the primary Service Provider appliance in each Data Center. The Replications column in the lower portion of the screen indicates the progress. For example, 2/2 means that the patch file has been replicated to both the primary and secondary Service Provider appliances in a single Data Center and 4/4 means that the patch file has been replicated to the primary and secondary Service Provider appliances in two Data Centers.

    • It can take up to one minute for each appliance. You must wait until the patch file has been replicated to an appliance before installing the patch on that appliance.

Install a Patch File


If you start the installation before the patch file has been replicated to all Service Provider appliances, you are warned that replication is not complete on specific appliances. However, you can begin installation on those appliances where replication is complete.

To install the patch in one or more organizations across one or more Data Centers:

  1. Select appliances → software updates to display the System Patches screen. This screen lists the available patches. Each patch name is a link.

  2. Click on the name of a patch. The screen redisplays to show those organizations which have appliances that have not been patched.

  3. For each organization you need to patch:

    1. Mark the checkbox for that organization.

    2. The Data Center drop-down default value is All. Accept this default to install the patch on all appliances in all Data Centers. To install the patch in a single Data Center, select a specific Data Center from the drop-down.

  4. Click Install.