You can register a domain on the Domains page.


To add auxiliary bind account(s) to a domain, you must first register the domain as described below, then edit it as described in Edit a Domain.

When you register a domain, this does not create the new domain, but rather registers an existing Active Directory domain with the system.

To register a domain:

  1. Click the Register a Domain link.

  2. Enter information on the Domain Bind tab as described below.




    Enter the NETBIOS name for this domain in upper case letters. For example, SALES.

    Domain suffix

    Enter the domain suffix. For example,


    AD protocol. For example, LDAP.


    Numerical port used for the AD protocol.

    Domain Controller IPs

    (Optional) By default, the system discovers domain controllers based on the Domain suffix. Optionally enter one or more IP addresses to override this default.


    Enter the AD context for this domain. For example, if the domain suffix is, enter dc=sales,dc=mycompany,dc=net.

    Domain Bind Account DN

    Enter the distinguished name for the service account user for this domain. For example, CN=Administrator,CN=Users.


    Enter the password for the service account.

    Password verify

    Re-enter the password.

    Any incorrect information is highlighted in red and a description of the error is displayed.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Click the Group Info tab and enter group(s) as desired.

    The system gives you suggestions for auto-completing the group name after you type the first four characters.

    Admin groups - Enter security groups for admin users. For example, cn=adminusers,ou=groups. Click Add Admin Group to add another group. There are several different types of admin users. If you are registering an enterprise domain, you need to add at least a Super Admin - Enterprise Admin. You can use the Add Admin Group link to add additional security groups with different privileges. See Roles and Permissions to customize the permissions available to a particular role.

  5. Click Save.

    The system redirects you to the login page.