A resource manager is a service provider resource that allows multiple desktop managers to communicate with their virtual physical infrastructure resources. A resource manager integrates with the hypervisor and storage infrastructure in a given data center. A single resource manager appliance can be shared across multiple tenants

The Resource Managers pane on the left side of the Resources page provides a tree view of the desktop managers and compute resources associated with each resource manager in the selected data center. A data center has associated with it a minimum of two resource managers, one each for the SP and tenants. Each tenant resource manager has associated with it desktop managers and compute resources:

  • Expand the tree for the resource manager to show the defined desktop managers, vCenter, vCenter Data Center and compute resources for that resource manager.

  • Click on a resource manager, desktop manager, vCenter or compute resource in the left pane to display tabs of information specific to that resource in the right pane.

Once you have a resource manager associated with a data center, when you click on the link for that resource manager in the Resource Managers panel, the Compute Resources, Desktop Managers, and Storage Systems tabs are displayed in the right panel.