On the Quotas tab, you can make settings for user licenses and desktop capacity.

User License

Select one of the following two options and enter a value for it.

  • Concurrent - Maximum number of concurrent users permitted.

  • Named - Maximum number of named users permitted.

Desktop Capacity

The following values are displayed under Desktop Capacity.


Not all values are editable.

  • Data Center - Select data center from drop-down list.

  • Std Capacity - Indicates maximum number of desktops. In Use value shows number currently in use.

  • Storage Capacity - Shows current storage capacity (not editable).

  • Implicit Desktop Storage - Shows implicit desktop storage (not editable).

  • Add-on Storage - (Optional) Enter value for add-on storage in GB.

  • Desktop Manager - Select desktop manager from drop-down list.

  • Template Quota - Enter/change value for template quota. In Use value shows number currently in use.