You can initialize slony on the Maintenance page in the Service Center user interface.


  1. Stop dtService on all nodes:
    service dtService stop
  2. Stop slon daemons (kill daemons on target nodes):
    killall slon
  3. Run this command on the target db (FDB or EDB):
    drop schema _slony cascade;

    Drop the schema only for the affected database pair.

  4. If you stopped dtService on the Primary service provider node for re-initialization of the FDB on the service provider appliances, then start the service again on the primary service provider node:
    service dtService start
  5. Start slon daemons as follows.
    • For the service provider org, start the daemon for the FDB:

    • For the tenant org, start the daemons for both the FDB and the EDB:

  6. In the Service Center, select appliances > maintenance.
  7. In the Slony Operations section of the page, enter the following information.
    • Organization id: Org ID of the appliance to which the init slony would be performed.

    • DB instance name: Name of database instance for init slony.

    • Element ID: ID of the Desktop Manager to list New Master IP for init slony operation. This option is visible when DB instance name is 'edb'.

  8. Click Init Slony.