The Datastores tab is used to specify datastores for your system to use.


For Instant Clone images, if you do not specify any datastores for desktop storage, the system looks for datasores that are accessible, not read-only, and have multi-host access (non-local).

  • If no such datastores are found, this will cause assignment creation to fail.

  • If such a datastore is found and used, VMs may not be placed on the same datastore as the template VM, which can also cause performance issues for users.

To specify datastores:

  1. Click in the appropriate field (Desktop Primary Storage, Desktop Auxiliary Storage).

  2. Enter a regular expression for the name(s) of the datastore(s).

Note the following:

  • In order for a datastore to be added, that datastore must needs to be present, using a consistent name, on all compute resources assigned to a given desktop manager.

  • If you set up multiple datastores for desktop storage, clones will be put on the datastore that contains the image as long as it is 75% full or less. If that datastore is more than 75% full, then the clones will be put on the datastore that has more space available.

  • The 75% threshold above is a default setting that can be changed using the datastore.max.usage.percent policy.