You can manage compute resources for a resource manager on the Compute Resources tab.

The Compute Resources tab shows the status and type of each compute resource associated with this resource manager. You can also remove the association of a compute resource from a resource manager by clicking the remove button.

Reassigning a Compute Resource

A reassign option appears on the Compute Resources tab. This allows you to add or remove a compute resource that was previously assigned.

To reassign compute resources:

  1. Select service grid -> resources -> Resource Managers.

  2. Select the service provider resource manager.

  3. Select the Compute Resources tab.

  4. Click Reassign next to the Virtual Center and the Desktop Compute Resources dialog will open.

  5. Select or deselect compute resources from the list of compute resources in the Desktop Compute Resources dialog.


    You cannot deselect a compute resource with management appliances on it.

  6. For each selected compute resource, change the over-allocation ratios if applicable. VMware recommends the following values:

    • Memory Over allocation Ratio: 1.0

    • Virtual to Physical CPU Ratio: 10.0

  7. If this compute resource is to be shared between 2 or more tenants, check the Share This Compute Resource box. Note that this option must be selected at assignment time and cannot be changed later.

  8. Click Save. If this compute resource is shared, the Partitioned Compute Resource dialog displays.

  9. Set partition sizes for Memory and CPU, and click Save.